Jeannette Long AvatarJeannette Long
The best place to rent from - 12/01/2023 
Vicki Armstrong AvatarVicki Armstrong
Drop off for my great-niece! - 8/22/2023 
Joy Moore AvatarJoy Moore
I'm really perplexed reading these reviews, I've lived here for a little over 5 year's and have Not experienced any of the scandals mentioned in... read more - 8/05/2023 
Kelly Ellis AvatarKelly Ellis
I’m currently in my second year at Village Green Townhomes and really enjoy living here. The Proper Manager Irene is very sweet and helpful. She... read more - 8/03/2023 
Chris Patrick AvatarChris Patrick
I've been here since 2019. Nice/Clean area with great location! Prompt office staff/maintenance team. Respect! Integrity! Professionalism! 3 things I'll say about Village Green Townhomes. - 8/03/2023 
Rachael Sizemore AvatarRachael Sizemore
Our experience has been amazing. We found this place completely by accident while searching for a place in OH and I can say it feels... read more - 8/02/2023 
Sara Sharma AvatarSara Sharma
Been living here for 3 years now and never had any problems with anything, Irene from Office she’s the most wonderful person to work with,... read more - 8/02/2023 
Sandra Ariapad AvatarSandra Ariapad
I’m very pleased with how everything is being handled so far in my process to moving to Village Green Townhomes. Irene has been very helpful... read more - 8/02/2023 
Shon F AvatarShon F
Irene was very efficient and kind. Made this process very easy and took less than a week. - 8/16/2022 
Amanda Lange AvatarAmanda Lange
Irene in the office is absolutely amazing. By far the best landlord we’ve ever had. She is so kind and understanding. Chad, the maintenance man... read more - 1/16/2022 
Nevaeh Hodges AvatarNevaeh Hodges
Irene is amazing !! Very helpful - 4/13/2021 
sinister nitemar Avatarsinister nitemar
Stephanie is always helpful and extremely professional with her job. Great place as well - 1/13/2021 
AG Pest Control AvatarAG Pest Control
Village Green is well maintained property. The apartments are spacious with plenty of storage. Call Barb to tour an apartment today! - 12/16/2020 
Sonja Taylor AvatarSonja Taylor
I have lived at Village Green for almost four years and recommend it to anyone looking for a community to call home. The staff is... read more - 10/13/2020 
James N AvatarJames N
My wife and I just recently moved from Village Green after 4 years due to our growing family. Our time here was great and ... read more - 10/13/2019 
Eric Huebner AvatarEric Huebner
Barb and her maintenance staff are amazing! Beautiful townhomes at a great price. Close to everything you need and great neighbors! - 10/13/2019 
Betty Amoah AvatarBetty Amoah
Nice and comfortable home. Great staff too!!👌 - 10/13/2019 
Lori Fox AvatarLori Fox
I have lived at VG Townhomes for almost 4 years and love it!! The manager and maintenance will always go the extra mile! I can... read more - 10/13/2018 
Dena Johnson AvatarDena Johnson
My daughter and I moved in August 2015. From day one we felt comfortable here. Grounds are kept clean and maintained. I also enjoyed the... read more - 10/13/2017 
Sharon Jackson AvatarSharon Jackson
My husband, kids and I have resided at Village Green for over 3 years and have no intention of leaving. The location is so convenient,... read more - 10/13/2017 
Rebecca Landon AvatarRebecca Landon
2014-2015 We lived there for one year. I loved the location and in beautiful setting. I liked the layout of the townhome itself...one thing was... read more - 10/13/2016 
franny407 Avatarfranny407
I just relocated back to NY after living here for 18mos. I have never lived anywhere where the team was so responsive to any... read more - 10/13/2015 
Cary Baird AvatarCary Baird
I'm glad I checked out downtown Fairfield instead of just the main drag. It's kind of like living in a modern, with-t community there... read more - 10/13/2015 
Brenda Jeffers AvatarBrenda Jeffers
only been here short time but when we did have a maint. issue-they were right on itand were there right away to fix.property is maintained... read more - 10/13/2015